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Our company, CDREX s.r.o., has for five years brought up to date information on worldwide companies to several member states of the European Union, most notably the United Kingdom where our company has operated since 2011.

CDREX has successfully integrated into the UK market, demonstrated by 850,000 visits every month from around the world. The stability of our position is guaranteed by the continual development of the websites modules.

Companies UK – basic information

What can you find on our web site?

The site provides a clear categorization of nearly 7 million companies which is divided according to the location of companies or by the line of business.

Each company`s page provides basic information, such as: company address (displayed on Google Maps), Company number, specific incorporation into a territorial unit with the exact GPS coordinates.

Moreover, the more specific data are included, particularly: sector and industry classifications, incorporation date and dissolution date, range of declared business activities, a tool which allows a visitor to view companies list performing a similar range of business and is located in the same area. Likewise the option, to view companies’ establishments’ information, is provided.

Companies UK – contact details

The CDREX web site allows a user to add the contact information which is subsequently verified by our administrators before any publication. After publication a system included on our server ensures that the data would not be misused for malicious purposes, e.g. SPAM mail.

As starting package, the database was filled with 100 thousand contacts and the option to verify the data by users themselves was provided.

Companies UK – directors

Another option which cdrex.com includes is the information about directors and secretaries displayed on transparent graphs on which you can check the period and position on which a particular person worked. You also have access to official legal document of appointment, the change of particulars, or the termination of appointment of the particular person in the company. We also offer information regarding previous as well as current positions held by individuals.

Companies UK – financial information

A separate section is the financial information. You can check the accounting reference date or the date when the company recently filed tax return and in what form and when it shall be filed again.

As well the date up to which the annual return should be filed and when the next one should be submitted. Also you can view what date is the last members list. For each company you can look at the previous names along with the date when a change has occurred. This data are shown in an organized table.

Companies UK – documents

The most recent charged service is the sale of complete package of documents regarding a particular company, whether for the purpose of obtaining information or for legal purposes. Before purchasing any document we highly encourage users to send a request to the server to update the data about the company, to avoid confusion and discrepancy.

Companies UK – search

Feel free to use our search engine, which is divided into the following sections:

  • The search of companies by name and identification number with direct links to the official companies` registrar
  • The special search according to the line of business and by the location of individual company
  • The search of board members
  • The full-text search, where the most noteworthy part is the special search filter which can refine special features which you wish to find

What are CDREX`s future plans/aims?

The main interest of cdrex.com is to continually support the business environment not only by making the information on business entities publicly available, but the company’s future plan is the promotion of products and services with the goal to produce a corporate platform where the individual companies may present their activities directly to their customers.

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Ondrej Demian jr. – CEO Company Data REX (CDREX)

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